Single family row houses

Year started: 2011
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House 1

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In 2015 eight residential row houses were commissioned in the town of Shumen, Divdyadovo quarter. Currently, 6 out of them are for sale.

The houses are independent with a small adjacent yard. The solution includes spatial volume in three levels. On each level the following premises are individualized on a spatial and functional level:

-           Level +0.00 – garage, closet and hobby room,

-           Level +2.80 – kitchen and dining room, sanitary premises and living room

-           Level +5.60 – two bedrooms and sanitary premises

The building is solid, having a double-pitched roof with the necessary insulation and waterproofing, the external walls are made of brick type "Wienerberger". The joinery is PVC, and on the first level sliding aluminum shopwindows are mounted.

The area of each house is 140 square metres. They are located to the so-called in Divdyadovo quarter, with plenty of space in front of them and with an awesome view of Shumen Plateau.